Stryker makes equipment donation to Mayfield Education & Research Foundation

CINCINNATI -- A technology gift from Stryker valued at $375,000 will provide a major upgrade at the Mayfield Surgical Innovation Center.

The in-kind donation involves four specialized drill sets that will enhance the laboratory experience for neurosurgeons who train in advanced spine techniques. The Stryker drills are used for bone drilling during surgical procedures.

The new drills eliminate the lab's need to borrow drills from the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center, which is housed in the same Rookwood Exchange building as the Innovation Center.

The Surgical Innovation Center, which is expected to host nearly 30 labs this year, is a leading destination for medical residents, practicing surgeons, and medical device professionals from across the country. The state-of-the-art facility includes six stations, which can support up to 50 professionals in a hands-on training or research project.

"We are proud to have access to this advanced technology in our lab," said Lab Manager Sonia Lipp. "Having unlimited access to this equipment helps us serve our sponsors and participants with the highest-quality devices. We are proud to partner with Stryker in keeping our lab at the forefront of innovation and learning."

Stryker agrees that a partnership with Mayfield is a natural fit. "The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation's commitment to research and education is evident in the programs that they fund," said Melanie Sullivan, Regional Manager of Medical Education at Stryker. "In creating the Surgical Innovation Center, they created a beautiful setting for scientific collaborations and trainings. We are pleased to provide these drills as we proudly support a thriving program."

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