Medical Education & Community Events

The Mayfield Foundation supports medical education and training through lectureships, cadaveric training courses, clinics, and CME conferences that provide hands-on learning alongside classroom instruction and collegial discussion. We also support the community through public webinars and awareness events that empower people to take better care of their brain and spine health.

Herche Lectureship

The David and Wendy Herche Lectureship is a 2-day course for residents and fellows, focusing on innovative spine surgery tools and techniques that will improve the lives of patients with spine disorders. Thanks to the support of the Herches, in gratitude to Dr. William Tobler, the Mayfield Foundation established the Lectureship in 2023.

Winter Clinics

For more than three decades, Mayfield has hosted the annual Winter Clinics for Cranial and Spinal surgery in beautiful Snowmass Village, Colo. This gathering of the world's foremost talent in neurosurgery practice and research is CME-accredited and has included participants from 37 states and five countries. It is designed to optimize your experience through research, networking and professional development, along with dedicated time to enjoy the beautiful setting – and the ski slopes. "The Winter Clinics does so much more than transfer knowledge," says Dr. William Tobler, a Mayfield neurosurgeon and chairman of the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation. "The catalytic effect of this event spawns research and new ideas that will create groundbreaking tools and techniques – and save lives." For more information on the Winter Clinics for Cranial and Spinal Surgery, email Laura Mancini.

Keller Lecture

Over the past 40 years, Jeffrey T. Keller, PhD has mentored scores of residents and fellows. His reach and influence span the globe. A consummate scholar and mentor to many, Dr. Keller maintains a distinguished legacy among graduates and his peers. In honor of Dr. Keller's commitment to resident education and academic collaboration, The Keller Lectureship Fund was established in 2011. The lectureship enhances resident and fellowship programs by supporting an invited lecturer of international stature in the field of skull base surgery and surgical anatomy. These lectures offer an opportunity for medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty to learn firsthand from renowned neurosurgeons. In addition, the Foundation has supported a hands-on laboratory training program.

Art & Science of Healing

Our annual event is the Hippest Science Fair in Cincinnati showcasing innovation in neurosurgery that leads to life-changing patient outcomes. Grateful patients share their stories of healing and recovery. Innovators demonstrate some of the tools and techniques that neurosurgeons are bringing to market today. And researchers highlight the findings of their clinical trials and published studies that are advancing the treatment of neurologic conditions.

Webinars: Brain Talks! Back Talks!

In "Brain Talks!" and "Back Talks!", we've asked the neurosurgeons and physical therapists at Mayfield Brain & Spine to share their expertise. Viewers can learn more about the inner workings of these complex clinical cases, options for pain relief, the heart-brain connection and emerging therapies and technologies.

The Frank H. Mayfield Society™

The Frank H. Mayfield Society™, named in honor of Frank H. Mayfield, MD, was established in 1989 to promote continuing neurosurgical education of physicians, residents and fellows.