About us


The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation exists to advance the care of patients with brain and spine disorders through leading-edge education and research.

Our Leadership


Vincent DiNapoli, MD, PhD

Mayfield Clinic


Victor DiPilla

Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer
The Christ Hospital


Laura Guggenheim

Senior Vice President Sales, NA
Procter & Gamble

Dr. Horn

James Horn, MD, MBA

Senior Vice President/
Chief Patient Service Officer/
Chief Quality Officer;
St. Elizabeth Healthcare

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Jeffrey T. Keller, PhD

Research Professor of Neurosurgery, Emeritus
UC Department of Neurosurgery

Dr. Krueger

Bryan Krueger, MD

Mayfield Clinic

James McGraw

James J. McGraw, Jr.

Keating, Muething & Klekamp PLL

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Valerie Newell

Mariner Wealth Advisors, Cincinnati


Lauren R. Ostling, MD

Mayfield Clinic

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Robert E. Rich

Of Counsel

Taft, Stetinius & Hollister, LLP


Andrew J. Ringer, MD

Neurosurgeon, Chairman
Mayfield Clinic


Bradbury Skidmore, MD

Mayfield Clinic

Marla Santos Sillman

Marla Santos Silliman

Senior Vice President/
Hospital Operations
Good Samaritan Region

Michael Stenger

Michael Stenger


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William D. Tobler, MD

Chair, Neurosurgeon
Mayfield Clinic


Deborah Livingston

Development Director
Mayfield Education & Research Foundation

  • We will work to benefit the broader neurosciences community, to expand our knowledge, and to sustain a field that offers unlimited opportunity for research.
  • We will focus on the development of human capital by funding leading-edge education and research initiatives.
  • We will reward excellence and innovation. We will welcome opportunities to "fast track" research and projects that have difficulty gaining traction or funding at larger institutions or foundations. We will remain agile so that we can speed discovery and move ever forward.
  • We will support the care of patients as administered by our partnering hospitals and affiliates. We will provide the resources our physicians and hospitals need to provide their patients with the highest quality care.
  • We will seek to provide comfort and counsel to those suffering from neurological diseases and disorders. We will support and coordinate efforts by local hospitals, organizations, and programs to educate and promote greater neurological awareness and compassion.
  • We will promote Cincinnati as an integrated community of caregivers, educators and researchers working collaboratively to advance the frontier of neuroscience.
Our Clinic

The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation is affiliated with Cincinnati-based Mayfield Brain & Spine, recognized as one of the world's leading organizations for neurosurgical treatment, education, and research. Supported by more than 20 specialists in neurosurgery, interventional neuroradiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and pain management, Mayfield served more than 30,000 patients from 39 states in 2023.

Dr. Frank H. Mayfield

Independent of the Mayfield Clinic yet closely aligned with its mission and work, the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation seeks to promote continued collaboration among health care providers. We uphold the original vision of our founder, Dr. Frank H. Mayfield, that all hospitals—community and academic—should work together to further research and care for patients in the most effective, efficient, and compassionate manner.

The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation represents a unique opportunity for competing institutions to come together; though contenders in the delivery of care, we believe that education and research efforts can and should be shared.

The institutional diversity of the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation Board is designed to inspire vigorous debate. Decisions require a consensus of major institutional stakeholders.