Aspiring Health Care Professionals Raise Funds for Chiari I Malformation

When Harrison High School students Kennedy Ashley and Emily Davis enrolled in a biomedical science class, they became part of the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA). They also became local advocates and fundraisers for Chiari I malformation, a condition that affects 1 in every 1,000 live births.

Emily Davis, Kennedy Ashley and Dr. Arthur Arand

Harrison High School students Emily Davis and Kennedy Ashley recently met with Dr. Arthur Arand, Mayfield Foundation board member and chairman of Mayfield Brain & Spine, to provide the Foundation with $400 in support of Chiari research and awareness.

As part of HOSA, the ninth graders and future healthcare professionals choose a disease area and work to help raise awareness and funds for research and treatment. For Emily and Kennedy, the choice was easy. Emily's young cousin was born with a Chiari I malformation and underwent a successful surgical treatment. Today, her cousin is a vibrant and happy 4-year-old. Emily witnessed what her family experienced and wanted to help.

To raise funds, Emily and Kennedy could be found at the local Macy's throughout the holiday season wrapping Christmas presents for tips. They also successfully solicited a gift basket donation from Macy's and lunches from Chipotle, which they raffled off to their classmates. In addition to their fundraising efforts, the girls created educational fliers with pertinent information about Chiari. They met families affected by Chiari and learned about their experiences. Their good work amounted to $400 for the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation.

We applaud the great work of Emily and Kennedy as they help bring awareness to a very complicated disorder," said Arthur Arand, MD, Chairman of Mayfield Brain & Spine and a Mayfield Foundation board member. "Thank you for thinking of the Mayfield Foundation as a home for your well-earned donations."