The Frank H. Mayfield Society™

The Frank H. Mayfield Society™, named in honor of Frank H. Mayfield, MD, was established in 1989 to promote continuing neurosurgical education of physicians, residents and fellows. The objective of the society is to accomplish these goals by fostering camaraderie between alumni of the Mayfield residency program at Good Samaritan Hospital and Christ Hospital (1948-1981) and the Mayfield-UC training program (1982-2017), as well as others who have contributed to continuing excellence within the program. Members are invited to events throughout the year.


Annual Events

The Mayfield Society historically met in early summer at the annual Mayfield Neuroscience Symposium held in conjunction with the graduation ceremonies for residents and fellows. The scientific program included invited Mayfield and Alumnus Lecturers. In June 2017, the Mayfield Lecturer was William Couldwell, MD, PhD, and the Alumnus Lecturer was Andrew Grande, MD.


Going forward, members can enjoy staying connected with each other through invitations to Mayfield Society educational events such as the Keller Lecture in Cincinnati and the Winter Clinics in Snowmass, Colorado, as well as social events such as The Art & Science of Healing fundraiser.

Mayfield Society Officers

President: Norberto Andaluz, MD

Vice President: Vincent DiNapoli, MD, PhD
Secretary-Treasurer: Arthur Arand, MD

Graduates & Alumni

1949 Curwood Hunter, MD
1952 Frank F. Espey, MD
1953 Ernest J. Penka, MD
1954 Adolph Rosenauer, MD
1954 Bert McBride, MD
1957 James Nichols, Jr., MD
1957 Henry Lattinville, MD
1957 Jack Griffith, MD
1958 Murray Day, MD
1960 Forest Tutor, MD
1960 Richard Newquist, MD
1960 Robert Hayner, MD
1961 Richard Budde, MD
1962 Eugene Elam, MD
1963 James Maurer, MD
1964 Fred Helmer, MD
1964 Lowell Ford, MD
1965 James Sheridan, MD
1966 H. Paul Lewis, MD
1967 Tom Krueger, MD
1968 Mark O'Brien, MD
1968 Martin Johnson, MD
1970 Raul Vernal, MD
1970 Robert Taylor, MD
1970 Rafael M. Ramirez, MD*
1971 John Savoy, MD
1971 Dean Moore, MD*
1972 Albert Timperman, MD
1973 Thomas Berger, MD*
1974 Hira Khanna, MD
1974 Alejandro Sos, MD*
1975 Jorge L. Davila, MD*
1976 Michael Walus, MD
1977 Phillip Minella, MD
1977 Set Shababian, MD*
1978 Harold Segal, MD
1978 Carlos M. Ongkiko, Jr., MD*
1979 Thomas G. Saul, MD*

1980 Antonio Ong, MD*
1981 Steven Wald, MD
1981 Raymond Sawaya, MD
1981 Michael Kramer, MD*
1982 Victor Sonnino, MD
1982 William Sprick, MD
1984 Edmund Frank, MD
1985 Antoine Jabre, MD
1985 William Tobler, MD
1985 Harry van Loveren, MD

1986 John Johnson, MD
1987 John Heiss, MD
1988 Stephen Calderon, MD
1988 Alessandro Olivi, MD
1988 Geoffrey Thomas, MD
1989 Lawrence Foody, MD
1989 Mark Greenberg, MD
1989 Cynthia Norrgran, MD
1990 Martin Buckingham, MD
1990 Stuart Weil, MD

1991 Bradley Mullen, MD
1991 Daniel Scodary, MD
1992 Arthur Arand, MD
1992 James Fick, MD
1993 Christopher Miller, MD
1994 Troy Payner, MD
1994 Michael Stanley, MD
1995 Wayne Villanueva, MD
1995 Bradbury Skidmore, MD
1996 Ajay Bindal, MD
1996 Adam Lewis, MD
1996 Jamal Taha, MD
1997 Glenn Keiper, MD
1997 Jeffrey Larson, MD
1998 David Gruber, MD
1999 Andrew Kokkino, MD
1999 Tom Manski, MD
1999 Andrew Ringer, MD
2000 Christoper Kager, MD
2001 Jonathan Sherman, MD
2001 Ioannis Fouyas, MD
2002 Robert Bohinski, MD, PhD
2002 Paul L. Cohen, MD
2003 Elias Dagnew, MD
2003 Benjamin Ling, MD
2004 P. Colby Maher, MD
2004 Christopher McPherson, MD
2005 Borimir J. Darakchiev, MD
2006 Khaled M. Abdel Aziz, MD, PhD
2006 Chad J. Morgan, MD
2006 David D. Yeh, MD
2007 Nicholas B. Levine, MD
2007 Michael J. Petr, MD
2008 Samir Parikh, MD
2009 Bradford Curt, MD
2009 Andrew Grande, MD
2010 Ellen L. Air, MD, PhD
2010 Marcella A. Madera, MD
2011 Ondrej Choutka, MD
2011 Andrew J. Losiniecki, MD
2011 Dean A. Hertzler, Jr., MD
2012 Daniel Barnes Webb, MD
2012 John DePowell, MD
2013 Chad W. Farley, MD
2013 Joseph C. Serrone, MD
2014 Vincent DiNapoli, MD, PhD
2014 Lauren Ostling, MD
2014 Christopher Sanders Taylor, MD
2015 Ben Bixenman, MD
2015 Cyrus King, MD
2015 Mark Magner, MD
2016 Daniel M. Harwell, MD
2016 Ryan D. Tackla, MD
2016 Jonathan D. York, MD
2017 Steven L. Gogela, MD
2017 Yair M. Gozal, MD, PhD

* 1970 - 1982 graduate of Mayfield Neurological Institute Residency Program at Good Samaritan & Christ Hospitals. 

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