Foundation Priorities

The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation exists to advance the care of patients with brain and spine disorders through leading-edge education and research.

  • We support innovative research that advances the field and spurs the development of tools, technologies, and procedures that improve patient care before, during, and after treatment.
  • We support hands-on education of residents, fellows, and physicians to guarantee that Cincinnati and the United States will continue to lead the way in the international field of neuroscience.
  • We support compassionate education of patients and the community; we seek to support patients and their families as they cope with their diagnosis and recovery, and also to provide community leadership in prevention, health, and wellness.

Areas of Focus

Foundation funds are allocated to targeted areas that are either underfunded or more likely to yield benefits from additional resources or exploration:

  • Laboratory (Bench) Research at the Molecular Level to unearth new ideas and investigate alternative possibilities
  • Seed Money for Innovative, Small-Scale Studies that offer the potential to yield preliminary results capable of drawing larger federal grants, corporate sponsorship, or capital venture funds
  • Clinical Trials of New Therapies for Patients to further test and explore promising treatments and potential cures
  • Development of New Technologies that enhance surgical capabilities and improve patient outcomes
  • Renovation & Expansion of Education & Research Facilities to sustain state-of-the-art exploration and learning environments

We also seek to surround the patient and his or her caregivers with knowledge and support:

  • Resident, Fellow, and Surgical Training that advances knowledge in the field
  • Community Education: Health, Wellness, and Prevention
  • Clinics, Conferences, Symposia, and White Papers that contribute to international research and the educational dialogue

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