Physicians at Mayfield Brain & Spine interact every day with patients who are fighting brain tumors, recovering from aneurysms and strokes, contending with diseases and disorders such as Parkinson’s, epilepsy, or Chiari malformations, or living with chronic pain. While it is the clinical responsibility of Mayfield physicians to educate each patient about his or her condition, the Mayfield Foundation is now taking a larger role in our responsibility to the community.


We seek to help patients achieve wellness even in the face of disease or infirmity, and, in turn, to inspire their families, friends, and the greater community to live and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


This area is a new frontier for Mayfield Foundation, and we are currently developing our Patient Inspiration Project. And we are looking for help! Please tell us your story if you wish to help inspire other individuals who might be facing the same challenges that you have encountered. Or, to get involved more directly, consider coming to our annual event, The Art & Science of Healing.    


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