Since 1975, Dr. Jeffrey T. Keller, Research Professor of Neurosurgery & Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Cincinnati/Mayfield Clinic, has trained countless surgeons, residents, and medical students in applied neuroanatomy. His extensive investigations and laboratory dissections are infused with a deep appreciation for the historical traditions of neuroanatomy.  As an educator, Dr. Keller's collaborations with his colleagues are innovative and worldwide.  Translating the intricacies of the brain and spinal anatomy into practical application has ultimately refined operative techniques.

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Keller has trained close to 100 neurosurgery residents, postgraduate research fellows, and postgraduate clinical fellows, and so his commitment to compassionate care extends well beyond the bounds of his classroom and laboratory.  To commemorate his service, each year the Keller Lectureship Fund supports a guest lecturer.


2015 Keller Lecturer: Paolo Cappabianca, MD
Chairman & Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Naples, Italy

Since 1997, Professor Cappabianca has focused his clinical, teaching, and research efforts on developing and refining standards for endoscopic neurosurgery, with special emphasis on transsphenoidal and skull base surgeries. He sits on the Editorial Boards of Neurosurgery and Surgical Neurology, and served as an organizer of 15 national and international scientific congresses. Widely published, he has authored or co-authored 200 journal articles and 9 books or textbooks.


2014 Keller Lecturer: Robert F. Spetzler, MD
Director, Barrow Neurological Institute
J.N. Harber Chair of Neurological Surgery

Dr.Spetzler w/ Dr. Keller

Dr. Spetzler is a world-renowned neurosurgeon who specializes in cerebrovascular disease and skull base tumors. He has co-edited a number of textbooks, including the Color Atlas of Microneurosurgery. He has made significant contributions to surgical neuroanatomy and surgical techniques. In 1992 he visited Cincinnati as the Mayfield Lecturer and in 1994 he was the Honored Guest of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

Part 1: Surgical Management of Deep Cavernous Malformations & Barrow Ruptured Aneurysm Trial

Part 2: Traversing the Brainstem and Third Ventricle

Dr. Kawase w/ Dr. Keller

2013 Keller Lecturer: Takashi Kawase, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Surgery, Keio University, Tokyo

Dr. Kawase has led the way in our understanding of skull base anatomy and surgery. He is best known for developing the anterior petrosectomy, Kawase Approach, to the posterior fossa. He was professor and chairman of neurosurgery at Keio University from 1996-2009 and has held leadership positions in the Japan Neurosurgical Society, Japan Skull Base Society and most recently the WFNS.

Part 1: Surgical Approach to the Ventral Brainstem: "No Man's Land"

Part 2: Recent Advancements of Skull Base Tumor Surgery


Dr. Rhoton w/ Dr. Keller2012 Keller Lecturer: Albert Rhoton, MD
Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Florida

Dr. Rhoton has led the way in vastly expanding knowledge of brain anatomy and microscopic surgical technique, and in providing surgical practitioners with new brain images that enhance the accuracy of surgery. Since 1972, he and two medical illustrators, Robin Barry and David Peace, have built the world’s largest collection of three-dimensional full-color images of the brain.

Part 1: Transcranial & Transnasal Approaches to the Sphenoid Bone

Part 2: Transcranial & Transnasal Approaches to the Sphenoid Bone

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