CINCINNATI – A “legacy gift,” something large enough to make an impact, had always been part her financial plan and had long been included in her will. But Cindy Starr, a Mayfield associate, re-thought the concept after her husband of 30 years was diagnosed with ALS in June 2014. 

“Although he had been struggling with unexplained symptoms for months, the diagnosis was still a shock, as he had been active, trim, and sick only a few days during our marriage,” Mrs. Starr says. “It didn’t take long for me to decide to leave a legacy gift for ALS research.”  

When the realities of this “orphan disease” became clear, however – no cure, little hope,and not a single clinical trial for ALS in Greater Cincinnati – Mrs. Starr decided not to wait.She made a $50,000 donation to the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation while she and Bill were still alive. “I realize that it may not help Bill,” she said at the time of the gift. “But we take comfort knowing that it will help move ALS research ahead for others who will inevitably follow in our footsteps.”


Mrs. Starr acknowledges that the gift is small in the realm of scientific research. “That is why I chose the Mayfield Foundation,” she says. “It is a lean and growing organization that is proving adept at ‘precision funding’ – the underwriting of small, high-potential projects that could become the building blocks of larger, more potent projects. Under the stewardship of the Mayfield Foundation, I believe this gift will make a difference in our community.”

Mr. Starr, like all patients with ALS, eventually succumbed to his disease. He passed away in September 2015.

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April 10, 2015


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Bill Starr (ALS) enjoys the evening with wife Cindy

Bill and Cindy at the 2015
Art & Science of Healing event.

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