Why Mayfield Foundation?

Because the Mayfield Foundation can and will fund research into any neurologic disease or condition, your gift enables us to support the most innovative research possible, in the area of greatest interest to you. We seek out cutting-edge investigations and invest your donation where it can have the most impact. If we do not have an existing fund in your area of interest, we will create one for you and find a researcher who is pushing boundaries and making new scientific discoveries. It can take many years and millions of dollars to develop a groundbreaking new treatment or cure, but the process starts with you.

At the same time, the Mayfield Foundation invests directly in medical education and training to ensure that Cincinnati and the United States continue to train the best neurosurgeons in the world. By making a contribution to our Medical Education & Training Fund, you are helping to ensure that the most advanced practices in neurosurgical technique and treatments are are being discussed, practiced, and disseminated from the Mayfield Surgical Innovation Center in Cincinnati.

Finally, a gift to the Community Education Fund helps patients just like you or your loved one. Focusing less on treatment and post-operative recovery (Mayfield Brain & Spine and our partnering hospitals are experts in that realm), our community initiatives embrace prevention and long-term health and wellness. We look for ways to help patients take advantage of what can be a new chance at wellness and ask for their help in inspiring friends, families, and other community members to live long and healthy lives. 

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