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Kerry's Story    

There were warning headaches, one of them bad enough that Kerry was sick to her stomach. But they seemed to point to a problem with her sinuses, not something sinister in her brain. Then, one morning while Kerry was enjoying coffee and doughnuts at her church, the real culprit emerged. Suddenly feeling as though she might faint, Kerry quietly sat down, then suffered a seizure. As she lay unconscious, two nurses kept track of time and called 9-1-1. 

An MRI at a community hospital revealed a ruptured aneurysm, and Kerry was flown to University Hospital by helicopter for advanced care by Dr. Andrew Ringer, a neurosurgeon with the Mayfield Clinic. Research funded by the Mayfield Education and Research Foundation helped Dr. Ringer determine that endovascular coiling would provide the optimal treatment for the bulge on Kerry's right ophthalmic artery. 

The next morning, Dr. Ringer threaded a catheter up to Kerry's brain from an incision in the groin and shut off the aneurysm's blood supply by filling the aneurysm with tiny platinum coils. During an hour-long meeting with Dr. Ringer, Kerry’s family asked whether she would ever be able to play tennis. “Did she play tennis before?" Dr. Ringer replied. 

Today, Kerry is playing at a higher level than ever, running in 5k races, and enjoying life with her husband and two young children. "After a traumatic experience," Kerry says, "I'm now back to that 100 percent and leading an active, aneurysm-free life.”

Kerry's family, ever grateful, has made a generous donation to the Mayfield Foundation in the hope that other people like Kerry will benefit from neurological research in the years ahead.

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