Our Mission & Vision



The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation exists to advance the care of patients with brain and spine disorders through leading-edge education and research.



We will work to benefit the broader neurosciences community, to expand our knowledge, and to sustain a field that offers unlimited opportunity for research.


We will focus on the development of human capital by funding leading-edge education and research initiatives.


We will reward excellence and innovation. We will welcome opportunities to “fast track” research and projects that have difficulty gaining traction or funding at larger institutions or foundations. We will remain agile so that we can speed discovery and move ever forward.


We will support the care of patients as administered by our partnering hospitals and affiliates. We will provide the resources our physicians and hospitals need to provide their patients with the highest quality care.


We will seek to provide comfort and counsel to those suffering from neurological diseases and disorders. We will support and coordinate efforts by local hospitals, organizations, and programs to educate and promote greater neurological awareness and compassion.


We will promote Cincinnati as an integrated community of caregivers, educators and researchers working collaboratively to advance the frontier of neuroscience.

Mayfield Education & Research Foundation

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